Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is a video I made for my Digital Photography class
We have had a pretty busy couple of days. Leah has been staying home in order to do some deep cleaning, packing, potty training and she is putting together a garage sale. This is the third day that she has had Evan in underwear for most of the day. And Evan is making some serious improvement. The first day Leah got him to use the potty once, and was cleaning pee for the rest of the day. She had to throw 6 pairs of underwear into the laundry. Today he went pee in the potty about 6 times. He did get a couple of pairs of underwear a little wet, but as soon as he realized that he was in underwear he stopped peeing. He didn’t run to the potty, which would have been nice, but the fact that he held it, and Leah was able to realize that he had to go is a pretty big step in the right direction. However, he still hid in the corner and pooped in his underpants today. Still we are very proud of him.

I am finishing up my last semester at BYU-I. I will be done at the end of July!!! It has been a pretty breezy semester for me too; I saved most of my easy classes for the end. Which is great because when I get home from school now, I have loads of energy to help Leah. Yesterday we spent a lot of time packing. We have quite a few boxes that we are taking back to Nevada on the 4th of July weekend.

And lastly, we are seriously running low on dough! So we are finishing every bit of food that we have and doing absolutely nothing that cost money. Which really hasn’t been that bad of a deal so far, other than a bit of natural fear that this realization brings. We have been riding our bikes, packing lunches, and hanging out at the park for most of our free time. So I guess summer time is the best time to not have money.

Evan in his underpants, and some boxes we loaded

Evan put his sippy cup in mom's water bottle holder.

At lunch, Evan ate all of his celery and ranch! Hardly any of his egg salad sandwich, but the veggies are the most important thing.
P.S. Leah wants all to know that she made home made baby wipes to help us save some money, using paper towels, baby shampoo, baby oil, and boiled water. She found instructions online.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father’s day weekend has been a blast. After last years mishap (Leah thought father’s day weekend was just 1 day’s length of time) I was relieved to find that this entire weekend has been all about me! Friday we went to Wingers, watched Toy Story 3, and had a party at the crib (only the 3 coolest kids in town were invited though) the guest of honor was ME, and I ate sushi for dinner. Saturday we went for a bike ride; Leah fell off her bike when a bug flew in her hair. (I regret not having my camera) And today, the last day, we took it easy- went to church and to the park, and tonight I will receive an awesome back rub.

Just like any other night we brushed Evan’s teeth, changed his diaper, said our prayers, gave hugs and kisses, and left the room so Evan could fall asleep. Then mom and I watched a movie. After the movie, we too were off to bed. We opened the door to check on our little boy and this is what we found. Not exactly sure what he was doing, but when we put him to bed he definitely didn’t have his hat on.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just doing my daily workouts. I've got a complete home gym. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Evan hates it when his milk spills, so to keep it from doing that he has come up with a remedy. One day I realized this, when I woke Evan up in the morning several times through out the week, and each day his sippy cup was sitting up right in the corner of his bed. (I asked him why his cup was in the corner, and he explained that he puts it in it's spot so it wont spill on him)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

After church today my brother Kent came over so I could take a few pictures of him for a photo project that I have been working on. You 3 will have to wait for that, but while I was there I got a cute photo of our little boy.